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    nonchemical path

    Does this "nonchemical path" mean "opposite of electronic path"? What does it mean?
    We live in an age of constant interaction, and yet more of us are claiming we are “lonely” than ever before. Loneliness has nothing to do with how many people are physically around us, but has everything to do with our failure to get what we need from our relationships. Virtual personalities online and characters on television (A)fulfill/neglect our natural emotional* needs artificially, and hence occupy the blurry margins in which our brains have difficulty distinguishing real from unreal. The more we rely on these personalities and characters to get a sense of (B)“isolation/connectedness ,” the more our brains encode them as “relevant.” This means our brains can be tricked, and the irony is that we are complicit in the deception. As need*driven animals, we seek out the paths of (C)least/most resistance to get what we need, and electronic immersion provides the most accessible, nonchemical path yet invented.

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    Re: nonchemical path

    "nonchecmical [sic]" here means "not drugs and/or alcohol". "As needdriven [sic] animals, we seek out the paths of least resistance to get what we need". The "paths of least resistance" are often in the form of drugs and/or alcohol.

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