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    ... plan (no decision yet; just a plan) .../... (no decision yet; just a plan).?

    I plan to write some pieces (no decision yet; just a plan). I have no intention to include/write about political or religious issues. Those pieces will mainly focus on/cover a list of virtues. And I'd love to know if you can/are ready to help with.

    Is it correct to include the parenthetical part at the end of the sentence or at the beginning after the word plan?

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    Re: ... plan (no decision yet; just a plan) .../... (no decision yet; just a plan).?

    Either way works. You can write:

    "I plan, (no decision yet; just a plan), to write some pieces".

    I've written things like the above, however, when I proofread it later, I'll usually want to rewrite a phrase like that; especially if this is an informative text (rather than narrative).

    There is a conflict between "plan" and "no decision". "Plan" suggests intent; "no decision" is contra-indicative. This could be a very useful device in a narrative piece; possibly suggesting the character indeed has this internal conflict.

    Assuming, however, your intent is informational, as the tone of the full text suggests, then I would rewrite your sentence:

    "I am [seriously] considering writing some pieces". Replace or remove "seriously" with an adverb that invokes your intended level of surety.
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