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    Please , Can someone check my grammar?

    This is an article that I have to write for homework , but I don't know if it's ok xd :3 :3... can someone help me? or if there is something weird? I just have to write 190 words.

    Your face rings a bell

    “Inténtalo Carito” is a Colombian comedy musical group composed of two brothers. They create cheerful songs about everyday issues. The group’s most known song is “Oh, how hard it’s to speak Spanish!” which shows the problems both native speakers and foreigners have when they speak Spanish.

    Are you one of those people who always forgets other people’s names? Well, the song called “Your Face rings a bell” will describe you completely. This performance is the funniest ever! Hundreds of people have done that and the performance shows us how we act when stranger talks to us about memories they have with us, but we can’t remember the memories ourselves. The song has three main categories, the first one: “I know who you are but I can’t remember your name”, the second one: “I don’t know who you are, but your face rings a bell” and the last one: “Your face doesn’t ring a bell and I don’t know who you are”. This situation is absolutely problematic and so it is funny.

    “Inténtalo Carito” is the best comedy group! You must check them out; all their songs are hilarious!

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    Re: Please , Can someone check my grammar?

    Hello Isabel, and welcome to the forum.

    As this is about homework, it would be unethical and counterproductive for us to fix it for you at this stage. The best thing is for you to hand in your homework to your teacher and have her/him comment first. After that, you're more than welcome to submit your writing to the forum with any further questions/comments about what your teacher had to say.

    For now, I'll just tell you that you can use "parts" instead of "categories."

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