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    The usage of 'because' and a question of prepositions

    Hello! How is it going?

    Thanks in advance!

    My questions:

    1.- Is it grammatically correct to use ŽbecauseŽin a question
    like this?

    E.X. Tell me why you follow me. Is it because IŽm pretty?

    If you see more mistakes, correct them please. Thanks!

    2.- E.X. The virus was IN my chest and (my) throat.

    a) Can I drop the second "my" in this sentence?

    The virus was in my chest and throat.

    b) What About the preposition "in"?.
    Normally, I would use "on" with chest and "in"
    with throat. Can I use "in" for both in this sentence?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: The usage of 'because' and a question of prepositions

    1 yes, the question's fine.
    2 I would drop the second 'my' and 'in' sound fine to me.


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