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    College Boys’ Mythoi

    There are a lot of things prevailed in society to discriminate genders and their behavioral traits. Actually when it comes to character and social patterning of male personals in most of the societies is considered as something dominating, commanding and in many cases, priority is granted to them.

    A considerable point is that whatever culture says but emotions and mental states of the male are not much different than females, also every masculine body do not possess the same kind of nature and emotional patterns.

    So, it's mandatory to generalize males as strong, emotionless, less caring, dominating, hard etc. here are some of the common myths regarding boys that a college student should understand so that they can avoid emotional pressures of being a male.

    First of all, consider a fact that moral values and gestures of respect will not make you uncool. Being a college student, you should behave sophisticated and like literates because the whole reason to educate you was to make you a good human.

    A concept that boys don`t cry, is totally useless. Medical science says that male and female both have feelings and in the case of grief both genders should cry it’s healthy for you mental status. Stopping yourself from expressing your misery or sorrows can put you in a state of depression and psychological disorders.

    Normally boys in college era assume that now they are like a free soul. Consider a fact that this attitude is totally childish; being a man is also to be a responsible person as it`s nothing about genders but about the term life. Your family, country, and friends have positive expectations from you.

    Never work to promote the image that all men are a flirt and only run for femininity. Seductive and dishonest relations are a complete dosage of mental stress and are also a cause of many medical issues. So thinking that tens of girlfriends will make your life pleasurable is quite bogus. According to UK assignment writers, better is to be sincere with one so that you can also enjoy a graceful relation from the other side then suffer a continuous headache trying to juggle multiple relationships at the same time.

    Use of addictive substances and living a party life all the time has nothing to do with being a boy; a control on such activities is actually a right way to be called a human.

    Cleanliness is for the personal and societal sake and all genders can put their part for it. Being a male cannot save you from allergies, fungus, viral diseases and sanitary issues. Following hygienic way of living can promote you towards positive thinking and healthy life.

    Being a male is not being an alien; you are now a college boy so try to be mature. It’s good to ignore any such mythical comments and mainly focus on your physical health and emotional life.

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    Re: College Boys’ Mythoi

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Re: College Boys’ Mythoi

    And are you sure you're in Albania? You appear to be in Pakistan.

    We like to think that new members are telling the truth about themselves.

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