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    Problem on developing ideas from my essay.

    I have to write a 6-7 pages essay about gender communication.

    Here is the question of the essay
    Do you thinkn that your gender's communication style is better than that of the opposite sex(or do you think that thte communication style of the opposite sex is better than that of your own gender)?

    And my instructor said, i have to develope my ideas from these 4 points

    1.Communication purpose
    2.Communication style
    3.Communication time
    4.Dispensing of knowledge

    I choose the women side (thesis below)

    My thesis:
    Women have a much better quality of communicating styles than men

    Women’s communication purpose is better because their communication purpose is much supportive than men.

    Women are not only better in communication purpose, but also better in communication style because their style is more rapport than men.

    the first 2 points are fine for me because ican argue it without any problem, but I have problem developing the 3rd point and the 4th point because i dont know how are they better than men, can anybody give me some idea about the communication time and dispensing of knowledge?

    Also give some supports on your idea to in order to convince me. sources from books or personal experience as well
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    Re: Problem on developing ideas from my essay.

    Have you read Deborah Tannen:
    I am also not sure whether your thesis really works if you haven't got the answers to 3 & 4- if you don't know that, then how can you be sure of your thesis?

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