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    Thread closed

    Hello, somehow my thread got closed:

    But I do not find an answer. Although people always tell me someone answered my question no one can provide a link or a post number to the answer. I think this is a bit unfriendly. Answering my question would cost 10 seconds, less then closing and complaing. Sometimes non-native speakers are a bit unsure, so I don't see that much of problem in asking if something is unclear. Only asked questions can get solved. And sometimes there are problems native speakers don't see. If my question really has been answered, why can no one send me a link? Only thread closing doesn't solve anything. People need to talk to help.

    That was my question:
    Is this example correct?
    You don't have school today?
    -Yes, I do. (means I have school today)
    -No, I don't. (means I don't have school today)

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    Re: Thread closed

    Would a mod please close and delete this? Gormless seems to be unable to accept that his question has been answered at least half a dozen times.

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