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    On holiday and on holidays

    He went to Turkey on holiday.

    He is on holiday.
    The above is correct.

    Maybe he will go to Greece after holidaying in Turkey.

    This is not a single holiday if he goes to Greece.

    He is on holidays.
    Is the above correct if he goes to Greece?

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    Re: On holiday and on holidays

    I'm not clear about what you are asking. I will say that while "holidays" is very common, but I really don't consider it correct. "Holiday" refers to your vacation; it is pretty awkward to turn that into a plural unless you are reminiscing about all the wonderful "holidays" you've had in the past. When a person says they are going on "holidays", I cringe a little.

    So, I like all of your examples except for the final; "He is on holidays". Very common usage, but really not correct.

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