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    Reply to an investigation report

    Please help me improve the following reply to an investigation report. Thank you very much

    Referring to the investigation report on the irregularities of booking management conducted by audit team (AT), we have taken the suggestions from the AT and swiftly made the following improvements:

    a) The booking staff (BS) are reminded to adhere to the booking procedure guidelines to ensure only the standard application forms would be accepted in future and pay special attention to check completeness of those forms such as whether or not the inclusion of official chop, marked date of application on the application form as well as the completed reply slip. For the free-use scheme, the organizations concerned should submit the required application form (669a) while those wish to book fee charging recreation and sports facilities are required to hand in application form (873a). We will suggest the booking organizations to submit the respective standard forms for alignment of practice.

    b) Our BS are reminded to strictly comply with the current practice to obtain required information of two responsible persons for taking up the facilities when handling the organizations' booking applications. If no or just one person's information indicating on the application forms, our BS will immediately request the organizations to provide the missing required information. Otherwise, they will not proceed the application until the receipt of the information.

    c) Our BS explained that the Tennis Association, as a priority user for booking our facilities, did submit a late application on 11.01.2016 for the use of tennis courts on 15.03.2016, which apparently failed to be in line with the requirements for any associations of necessarily making an application at least 4 months before the first date of use. However, considering there was no other organization required the said tennis courts on 15.03.2016 and the all along relatively low usage rate of the tennis courts, our BS then exercised discretion by continuing proceeding the late application. We will strictly comply with the booking procedure guidelines in future to uphold the consistency and fairness in processing applications.

    d) Our BS are warned that since table tennis rooms are fee charging facility and the payment for using those should be confirmed 2 months in advance of the first day of use. Indeed, a number of clubs made applications for the use of table tennis rooms, but their payments for the rooms were not immediately settled or behind the required schedule, mostly just one month or below prior to the first day of use, which resulted either from the organizations' late submission or our slow progress of handling. Our BS are warned not to accept late payment in future and instantly cancel the bookings if the required payment found unpaid beyond the stated deadline. Also, we will deliver warning or take appropriate follow-up action to those organizations who fail to settle the payment on time and document all the related actions taken regarding the handling of late payment for future revision purpose.
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