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    'kick the long ball'


    Can anyone tell me what does the phrase 'kick the long ball' in the lines below means ?

    Real maturity begins when you finally realize that no-one is coming to the rescue.It is only when you accept total responsibility for your life situation, with no excuses & no blaming of others, that you move into a mental position to 'kick the long ball' in your own life.

    Neeta Jagota

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    Re: 'kick the long ball'

    In football, if you kick a long ball, you kick the ball a long way down the pitch, often when there is danger of a goal being scored by the other team. I imagine that the writer means that when people accept responsibility and don't expect other to rescue them, they too are able to clear away things for themselves.

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    Re: 'kick the long ball'

    Welcome to the forum, Neeta.

    Please make a point of stating the source and author of any text you quote.

    Thank you.

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