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    Bird-in-the-hand worth


    Can anybody explain to me what the author means by his bird-in-the-hand worth?

    Less vaguely, and far less pardonably, she had thrown away dirty waterbefore she had the never-to-materialise clean—the dirty water being, notably,one Vernon Willis, her ‘young man’, whom, in her inexcusable conceit and folly,she had given the go-by. True, he was just a clerk in an insurance office, andshe had met him (as she had Fanshawe!) in a café, but she had been wickedlyrash and silly to have despised his bird-in-the-hand worth. Vernon would have provided for her (not, shewas satisfied, in Holloway) and have actually enjoyed it. Besides, since he hadbeen so slavishly attached to her, it had been cruel. . . .

    Not There, John Metcalfe, 1948

    Thank you.
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    Re: Bird-in-the-hand worth

    Are you familiar with the idiom/proverb "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"?
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