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Thread: on a wimp

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    Question on a wimp

    I've heard people say things like: I bought this book "on a whimp", or I made that decision "on a wimp". Does that mean doing something without a prior plan?

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    Re: on a wimp

    I think what you heard was the expression "on a whim". A "whim" is a sudden idea made without much thought. If you do something "on a whim" then it means you do it without giving it any thought, simply because the idea occurred to you. You might, for example, see a book and decide to buy it immediately, without working out whether you can afford it.

    A "wimp", by the way, is a person, usually a man, who is weak and unable to defend himself or fight back.

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    Re: on a wimp

    okay. Thank you for clarifying that!


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