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Thread: White rabbit

  1. AlainK

    White rabbit

    I received this very intriguing message from a fellow teacher today :

    White rabbit!


    I asked her what she meant, and she replied that the English teacher of her friend told him that it was a custom to say that on the first day of the month...

    Never heard of it before, but we have something vaguely similar : when eating almonds, if you find one with a double seed inside (not sure "seed" is the term for an almond), you must choose someone of the other sex (though nowadays, less and less people are gender biased, so let's say someone you like ;)).
    The next morning, the first one to say "Philippe", or "Philippine" has won.
    A kiss, or another go at cracking almonds, etc.

    So maybe, the story of the white rabbit has some truth in it, or is it just , er... nonsense ?...

    You don't eat thet much rabbit in Britain anyway, do you ? (it's delicious with mustard sauce and mushrooms)

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    Re: White rabbit

    It's true:

    We used to eat rabbit- as a child, I remember eating it fairly regularly, but I think it has been replaced by tasteless supermarket chicken. We used to eat it with mustard too.

  3. AlainK

    Re: White rabbit

    Thanks a lot tdol.
    Never too late to learn...
    ...And I particularly enjoyed the variant about the shaven rabbits :
    ...three “rabbits” in the morning with no “hares” at all.
    (just trying to be funny :-} )
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    Re: White rabbit

    There is one other useage, although not common anymore.

    "White Rabbit" = 'As in all in your mind.'
    Came from the play/movie 'Harvey.'

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