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    have vs.get?

    In the following sentences, what is the differcne? and exactly when do you use get or have?

    1. I had him clean his room. vs. I got him to clean his room.
    2. I had his room cleaned. vs. I got his room cleaned.
    3. I had my car reparied. vs. I got myy car reparied.
    I heard you native speakers use have when you have to pay or get service, so i had my hair permed is more common than i got my hair permed. Is that right? people like me seem to be very confused in using have and get because in Korean there is no differnce in terms of meaning . please in explaining this, be as specific as possible.

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    Re: have vs.get?

    They seem synonymous to me. They are both causative verbs in this usage:

    Get: 12. To cause to undertake or perform; prevail on: got the guide to give us the complete tour.

    Have: 8a. To cause to do something, as by persuasion or compulsion: had my assistant run the errand.

    (courtesy of American Heritage Dict)

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