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    YouTube transcription again

    The link is already timestamped to the part I want to ask about.

    I can't clearly hear what the girl says after "If I don't want (like) this, this is..."

    I listened to the part many times and tried to make it out. I couldn't. My best guess would be, "If I don't want this, this is where we know chick pea isn't for me, I'm just saying," based not on what I actually hear but on contextual information. Can you tell me what the girl is actually saying?

    And also,

    Same video, different part. If you don't want to answer all my questions, please prioritize the first one. This one isn't as important.

    The boy seems to say, "Whoever hate this deserves to yell at Gordon Ramsay, whoever hate this," but there is something awkward about the sentence. Shouldn't it be "Whoever hates this..."? Also, I don't know if 'hate' here is the right word choice. Maybe it's 'had.' I don't know.

    Thank you in advance :)

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    Re: YouTube transcription again

    The girl in the first snippet says "If I don't like this, this is ruining chick peas for me. I'm just saying!"

    The boy in the second one is unclear at first because of a clumsy edit. He repeats himself, though, so I'm pretty sure he says "Whoever made this deserves to yell at Gordon Ramsey, whoever made this." The first made​ is obscured by the edit.
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