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    Question Rhymes for Youtube song

    Hello! I'd like to sing the UFO song by Joanni Leeds with my students. I'm not sure I can understand it all. Please, help.

    We were driving California
    When something appeared in the sky
    Was it an airplane? Not a spaceship?
    Was it a bird or a kite?
    It was a half ring right over our heads
    It was there for ??????????
    I can only think of one explanation
    It’s a UFO OOOO-OOOO
    What happened next was
    A kind of fuzzy
    It started to move in the sky
    Very slowly, coming closer
    It was right above the stop sign
    I said “Hey, guys. Are you seeing this?
    Or have I gone the loco-ooo
    They said “Ha, yea, Joanie!
    What a creation!”
    It’s a UFO OOOO-OOOO
    The next few minutes were a blur
    All I know is ack to remember
    Do they pull us in the space?
    Or am I just a head case?
    Be to be, I am now a part of the alien race.
    I know what I saw
    Don’t call me crazy.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Rhymes for Youtube song

    It was hovering right over our heads
    It was there for five minutes or so

    All I know is I don't remember.
    ...pull us into space

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