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    Help for my homework

    I do not sure about answers, help me please

    Perfect aspect:

    1. _____ the report, I decided to call a meeting. (read)

    2. We _____ definetely _____
    the meeting by 5pm today. (finish)

    3. _____
    the issue with my wife, we are prepared to accept your offer. (discuss)

    He expected them ______ the problem by the end of the day. (solve)

    5. I ______ driving lessons for three months now, but I'm not ready to take my test yet so I'll need to keep practising. (take)

    6. I can tell you he's a really nice guy _______him a few times now. (meet)

    7.They hoped ______ the broken cables before the match started later that day. (fix)

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    Re: Help for my homework

    Welcome to the forum, royalwolf, but we don't do students' homework.

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