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    Could I have an opinion on this essay

    My first trip to Europe

    I have always been fascinated by Switzerland. I traveled through the country. I discovered lost towns in The Alps and big and rich of art and history cities.
    Sainte-Croix is located in the summits of The Juda. I got off the train and started walking through the town scatters on the hill. Its wood houses, smoke coming out from chimneys, white hills, children playing around and snow all over the place made me feel in Heidi’s town. “The Little Girl of The Alps” who accompanied me during my childhood.
    After my charming trip to this hidden gem, I walked down the hill to my next destination, Bern.
    An impressive city with original medieval cityscapes, sandstone buildings, fortifications, cobbled streets, decorated facades and cathedrals shows its strong personality. Intersections with more than four corners took me from one to another spectacular place. “The city of fountains” with its clock tower, 6 km of Arcades, the longest shopping promenade in Europe, and living Bear Pits or its statues enchanted me and gave me the strength to keep walking because I wanted to see everything. Ruin of Roman cities and XIII century castles contrasting with terraces, cafes, markets of fruit and vegetables and bikes, bikes and more bikes standing up in bike racks in the corners around the city. Switzerland’s people surprised me paying the bus ticket according to the distance like a big taxi. I was astonished to see so many people moving all over the city.
    Suddenly, I was in the airport again, ready lo leave. I had to wait a couple of hours. I didn’t look for a magazine to read or TV to help me to kill time, my mind loads with all I saw. I was joyful, I had accomplished the trip of my dreams even thou I was by myself, I went through the lack of money, and the lack of knowledge of German. I missed my family during this marvelous time, but I had their support these months of planning the trip. I was only hours from home, their memories and my new memories made me feel warm inside.

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    Dear Phrisma,
    I have corrected your composition using Microsoft word and it is attached to this reply. It is a very detailed composition.

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    Re: Could I have an opinion on this essay

    I really appreciate your help. I love the way you did it. That's the kind of help I was looking for. Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Could I have an opinion on this essay

    You're welcome.

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