Hello everybody!

Properly store and/or ship, as directed by owners representative, paying any freight charges, Custom House brokerage fees, etc., on prepaid shipments.

Does the whole sentence in bold type mean "Properly store and/or ship, according to owner's representative's instructionas and pay any freight charges, Custom House brokerage fees, etc., taken as percentage allowed for prepaid shipments".

In this very example, freight charges and ...... fees are on prepaid shipments, meaning, they are deducted, as percentage, from prepaid shipments.

Am I right or completely wrong?

The context is below.

Receive, ship, handle and store owner’s material
Furnish labor, material and equipment to accomplish the following:
Receive owner’s material as delivered to Shipyard. Pay any collect freight charges, custom house brokerage fees, etc due on shipments. Properly store material and, when directed, deliver to the vessel.
Receive any material removed from vessel.

Thank you.