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Thread: Query on Verb

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    Query on Verb


    How to explain Transitive Verb, Intransitive Verb, Finite verb & Infinite Verb to a class? Please give some examples as well.

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    Re: Query on Verb

    Welcome Nabanita

    A Transitive Verb is one that takes an Object.
    E.g He opened the door. (Door is the object of the action;it is affected by the operation.)

    Intransitive Verb is one that does not take an Object.
    E.g They arrived. (The verb does not require an object to complete it.)

    Finite Verb: The finite form of verb are the forms where the verb shows tense,person or singular/plural.
    E.g I go,she goes,he went etc.

    Non-finite Verb: The non-finite verb forms have no person,tense or number.
    E.g To go,going etc.

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    Re: Query on Verb

    The infinite verb, I think, is the basic form of a verb. Usually, there is a 'to' in front. For example,
    to go, to run, to begin, etc.

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