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    Letter for an internship

    Hello, i would be deeply grateful if you would help me to finish and correct this letter.
    Thank you in advance.

    Dear Mr ,

    I am writting in order to attain an internship at .... with ERASMUS placement program for 2017 summer.

    Currently, i am attending general medicine in fifth year at ....

    I am very interested in pursuing a medical elective in another country to strengthen and compliment my medical education.
    I would like to participate in this program because i consider it will be a great experience that would help me in my future career as a doctor. Working in a hospital like ....with great doctors would be a chance to practice what i have learned and develop my abilities in medicine.Also it would be a good opportunity to practice my english.

    Although I would be most interested in participating actively in activities like anesthesia or cardiology , I will be glad to consider any position you might suggest.

    The dates for project are between ... to ....

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    Re: Letter for an internship

    Hello Lydia, and welcome to the forum. I'm afraid we can't "finish" the letter for you. You need to do that yourself. You can talk about your areas of interest, achievements (academic and otherwise), aspirations (career and personal), strengths, weaknesses, etc. I must say that your letter looks rather sparse to me.

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