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    Question Nevertheless vs. however

    Hi. Let's compare the use of "nevertheless" and "however" (the latter in the meaning of "nevertheless"):
    1. "Nevertheless, this problem still needs to be resolved."
    2. "This problem, however, still needs to be resolved."
    I think that in the first sentence we give some more emphasiz on this "nevertheless" meaning of the sentence, whereas in the second sentences this "however" isn't so emphasized--it just informs that "in spite of what we have just said." Am I right or am I just trying to pick holes here?


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    Re: Nevertheless vs. however

    As 'however' moves further from the beginning of the sentence it does become less emphatic.

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    Re: Nevertheless vs. however

    I am reliably informed that "however" and "Nevertheless" are interchangeable.
    'However' would be used in a discussion where the contradicting argument may well still be negotiable, or moot.

    'Nevertheless' seems more appropriate when the contradicting argument seems more watertight.

    'However' is more vague, 'nevertheless' is more emphatic.


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