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    swallow without swallowing?

    (While looking at pictures of aquatic animals)

    Child: The shark can bite me?

    Parent: Yes, it can.

    Child: The whale can bite me?

    Parent: Yes, it can. But it will probably just swallow you whole.

    Isn't swallowing supposed to be letting whatever it is pass down the throat? If we're talking about just letting whatever it is enter the mouth whole without needing to bite off a smaller piece, would it still be called swallow?
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    Re: swallow without swallowing?

    Yes, but that's why we say 'swallow it whole', to indicate that it was still all in one piece.

    Note that the correct way to ask the child's question would be "Can the shark/whale bite me?", but perhaps you intentionally wrote it that way to sound childlike.
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