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  1. kee

    Can u teach me verb to be... ? (2)

    Thks for ur example( at it's more useful but I have some questions from ur example.

    It was the day that I was born.
    Was it?
    He was full of hope.

    I understand many examples but still don't understand in some examples at the top.
    If I wrote the top sentance it should be ...

    It was the day that I born.
    What was it ?
    He has full of hope. or something but I don't think about was for sure

    Could u explain me more about Verb to be ? I understand only "was" means equal ... but in the sentance do not mean equal.

    Thks a lot

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    The word be is the most irregular of all the irregular verbs. The word was is used to talk about the past.

    • A: It was a bad day yesterday.
      B: Why is that?
      A: Nothing went right.
      B: Perhaps today will be better.

      A: How was your day?
      B: It was a good day.

      A: How did you like it?
      B: It was terrific!

      A: Was it good?
      B: Yes, it was good.

      A: Donna was really upset.
      B: Yes, but she's better now.

    • It was bad, but it's better now.
      I am very grateful to Mike because he was so helpful to me.
      I was fourteen years old when my father died.
      I was sad about that.
      I was my mother's favorite.
      I was born in 1950.

    Does that help?


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