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    could you please tell me what the terms "release" or "releases" mean in the following sentences:

    The buyer may request goods on the basis of separate forms of purchase orders, releases or other related documentation.

    The purchase order shall specify quantities and instruction for the deliverey of goods (with release schedules, delivery orders etc.)

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: release

    A release is a signed document that authorizes material or products to be shipped or picked up (often by a third party).

    For example, I own 40,000 lbs. of steel that is currently stored in a public warehouse. I want to send in a truck to pick the steel up. The warehouse won't load it onto the truck until I provide a signed release form authorizing them to allow the truck to remove my steel.

    A release schedule is pre-arranged agreement to have X amount of goods or product ready for shipment on a regular basis. I might inform the steel mill to have one truckload of steel packaged and ready to ship by the 15th of each month. That would be my "release schedule."

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