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    anything more formal than "dear"?

    Hi, is there anything more formal than "dear" to start a letter with? an expression, a word? thank you

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    Re: anything more formal than "dear"?

    I think that you would use 'dear' in all letters, even formal ones. If you start with 'Dear Sir/Madam' you should end with 'Yours faithfully' and if you start with 'Dear Mr.../Miss...' then you should end with 'Yours Sincerely'

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    Re: anything more formal than "dear"?

    that's what i thought but here in the office they keep insisting there must be a different way..something like "eminent" or similar..but it sounds to me really out of's 2 much! tnx though

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    Re: anything more formal than "dear"?

    well i think dear is the most formal. but its umm kind of outdated in my opinion becasue its not so popular anymore.

    i prefer to, instead of dear.

    well dear just make it sound so distant. as if i am writing to someone i am not too close to

    i hope you get what i mean

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    Re: anything more formal than "dear"?

    It depends; there are some very formal things like 'Your Excellency' for a letter to an ambassador, but these are very specific cases.

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