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    to be catch dead

    Hello !

    It's me again for another expression I don't understand.

    Would you mind telling me the meaning of "to be catch dead" in the following dialog :

    I : I'm heading out the door for your dear mother, any requests, darling ?

    B : You're gonna go grocery shopping ?

    I : Yes.

    B : I didn't think you'd be caught dead at Ralph's.

    I : Who is Ralph ?

    B : Forget it.

    NB : I is an alcoholic, maybe there is a link ?

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    Re: to be catch dead

    To be caught dead at (or with) means something so thoroughly humiliating and embarrassing, that you'd be ashamed even if you were dead at the time.

    For example, "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a lime green polyester leisure suit!"

    In your example, it sounds like Ralph's is a grocery store. Perhaps "I" is so upper-class and posh that she normally wouldn't do anything so ordinary or plebian as go to a supermarket? I'm just guessing. (I don't think being an alcoholic has anything to do with it, given the context.)

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    Wink Re: to be catch dead

    Thank you very much, Ouisch !

    And yes, "I" is snobbish.

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