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    Clarification required for a reading lesson


    I am in the process of developing a reading lesson for my adult E2 students. I have chosen a leaflet about energy efficiency. For this lesson, I intend to only use a part of the leaflet, as it contains a lot of other information. The section that the students will be working on has 10 energy saving tips and each tip has the first 4 to 5 words in a different format. I will cut these words and ask the students to rearrange them and match them to the right sentence. The part that I am confused about is, am I asking them to scan read the text and match the sentence beginnings to the correct tip \ paragraph or is this a skimming task, where they are quickly searching for the right tip \ paragraph.

    In this lesson I will arouse interest by showing them a 58 second clip from YouTube. Then pre teach some vocabulary, get the students to complete the above mentioned task and then ask them to read in detail and answer 5 questions. For the productive part of the lesson, I will ask the students to talk to their partners and discuss the energy saving tips they have learnt and then find out from one another if they have any other energy saving tips. I will then elicit feedback.

    As I have mentioned above, I need guidance for the task where the students have to match the sentence beginnings. Is this a scanning task or skimming?

    I have attached page 2 of the leaflet. The part that I will be focusing on, is the middle part.

    Thank you

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