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    Confined Impurities


    Can anybody tell what confined impurities mean in the text below?

    Utterly unmanned by a conviction of atrocious doom, he fought to regain some nominal degree of composure. He must not give way to the horror, or he would go mad. Perhaps it was only a dream after all; perhaps he was lying awake in his own bed, in darkness, and if he reached out his hand, he would encounter free space—not the hideous nearness of a coffin lid.
    In a sick vertigo of irresolution, he tried to summon courage and volition for the test. His sense of smell, awakening now, tended to confirm his despair; for there was a musty closeness, a dismal, sodden reek of wood and cloth—even as once before. It seemed to grow heavier momently with confined impurities.

    C.A.Smith, The Second Interment, 193?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Re: Confined Impurities

    I think the smell in the restricted space is getting worse, possibly by him breathing and consuming the oxygen.

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