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    Unhappy please help

    i want to write a formal letter for my school saying that i'm withdrawing myself from school on behalf of my mum cause i will be leaving to uk this august.. i'm away from my hometown so i cannot deal with the teacher myself n i got no idea how to write this letter.. please help me.. anyone..
    thank u so much...

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    Re: please help

    Your request doesn't make any sense to me. Why can't your mom write the letter? I presume you are an underaged person. No school in its right mind will accept a withdrawal request from an underaged, without the formal and written consent of the parent. Anyway, since you asked, here's how you should write the formal request (Mind you, there are a thousand ways to write these requests. This is one. Okay? All the best in UK):
    Your name,
    city, state, country.
    The Principal/Headmaster (whatever the title of the head of the school)
    Name of the school,
    City, State, Country.
    Dear Sir/Madam (or Ms., Mrs., or Mr. ...):
    I am writing this on behalf of my parents who don't speak English (or whatever the reason).
    I am leaving for UK this August. As such, I will not be able to continue my studies in our school. I hereby request you to permit me to withdraw from the school, effective August 1, 2006. Please issue the necessary transfer certificate that I would be needing to pursue my studies in UK.
    I thank you, other teachers and the office staff for all your kind help and guidance. I will miss you all.
    (Your Name).


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