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    My problem..I need help

    I'm a college student. When I communicate with my English teacher and classmates, I can see what they mean but cannot express myself well in English. I tried some methods ,but they did't work well.
    Can you give me some advices?

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    Re: My problem..I need help

    Hi zyn

    In answer to your problem I would suggest that you

    a) try not to say too much in a short space of time- as this will not only confuse others, but also lead to a sense of frustration on your part

    b) pull one person aside and explain to them, calmly, that you are having difficulties in expressing yourself, and if they could ensure others in your circle are aware of this

    c) try to learn simple phrases in English that get to the point- without you having to elaborate too much (for example- if you want help with something, simply state- 'I need your help' without getting muddled and trying to explain too much all in one go)

    These are just some rough pointers I think might help you

    Hope it goes well

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    Re: My problem..I need help

    Hi thestudentproofreader!
    Thank you for your help!
    I will try my best to do it.

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    Re: My problem..I need help

    No worries Zyn

    Glad to be of help here

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    Re: My problem..I need help

    In addition to what the studentproofreader says, try to use plenty of body language- it really does help fill in the gaps when there are language problems.

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