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    Motivational Letter for the DAAD scholarship

    Hi everyone! Could anybody check my motivational letter and specify some grammar mistakes if they exist there? Thanks in advance!

    Motivational Letter

    Dear Selection Committee,

    I am writing this letter with a strong will to apply as the DAAD scholarship program participant. Here are the reasons why I choose Germany as the country for master’s degree acquisition. The local university system is fittest to me due to its next specifics, learned from German students and internet sources. Firstly, the newness of scientific equipment made a considerable impact on me while choosing where to study. Though my home university’s department in Moscow provides its students with well-educated and competitive faculty members, in comparison with German technical universities it is a little bit lagging behind in the aspect of laboratory equipment, especially in metrological devices and machine tools. Thus, by dealing with more modern equipment, I would like to compensate some missing knowledge in my scientific field. Secondly, I find the system of elective courses in many universities there as very progressive. When I have the choice consisting of three or four courses instead of one designated by unknown specialists, I have the opportunity to plan my career better and independently. Thirdly, the German higher educational system looks more transparent. In my viewpoint, the clear structure of study courses, containing the modules with thoroughly detailed descriptions, seriously helps prospective and beginning students not to make any mistake in their application and be well-prepared for many challenges in advance. Though Russian universities provide their own descriptions of study programs as well, they are not so verbose. Also, one of my interests, partially interconnected with desired professional activities, lies in learning of the different nations’ mental specifics for better international communication. And I realized that tuition in Germany can significantly improve my expertise in this theme. I made such conclusion after participation in a few volunteer projects of the IJGD organization in Georgensgmünd, Hamburg and Essen, where I gained a lot of practice in interaction with foreigners.

    Recently, I have revealed the personal necessity of German language learning, since it may be the very beneficial skill in my profession. Germany is one of the top exporters (8,04% of the global export market in 2015) and for many manufacturing enterprises in Russia presence of an employee with high proficiency in this language would be desirable. There is no another country where I could master the standard variant of this language with the best results. And the fact that the DAAD offers German courses additionally encourages me to apply for this scholarship.

    After obtaining a master’s degree abroad, I would like to work in the sector of machine tools production as a technical manager or a leading mechanical engineer. Reading a lot of technology news, I understood that German companies still wish to participate in the Russian’s industrial development. For instance, recently, DMG-MORI, a famous German-Japanese CNC machines manufacturing corporation has opened its new center in Ulyanovsk. Furthermore, in my research institution «...» I program via a CAM-system the machining centers produced by DMG-MORI. In general, I am pleased by the characteristics of the details, processed by this technological equipment. During my study in Germany, I would like to get an internship in this or at least some other similar enterprises. My crucial professional goal is to make a noticeable contribution to quality betterment in Russian industry. Being admitted to the training in one of such local companies can provide me the most up to date expertise in the aspects of quality control, design and machining processes, which I wish to apply in one of home factories.

    My first choice – M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering program at Fachhochschule Lübeck – University of Applied Sciences is motivated by the next taught disciplines which might be helpful in my career. The module «Product Development in Production» is interrelated with Research & Development (R&D). This theme accompanies with my professional goal because generally, it denotes production improvement. The module «Prototyping and Virtual Reality» would deepen my practical knowledge of the R&D activities, since physical and virtual prototypes are widely used there. Besides, the reason for the first priority given to this university is the big quantity of electives - 12 modules in sum. The second priority – M.Sc. in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management program at Fachhochschule Südwestfalen – University of Applied Sciences was chosen because of the core module «Systems Engineering» covering the main topics of product lifecycle management. I consider comprehension of this subject as a prerequisite for being a high-qualitative specialist in modern industry, with its abundance of complex systems. The program is also interesting to me due to its content representing intermixing of technical and managerial disciplines. The last choice – M.Eng. in Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering program at Hochschule Esslingen – University of Applied Sciences is substantiated by the will to enlarge my competency in machinery design. Though this program has not electives, it provides a strong basis in the methodological, ecological and economical aspects of design, as well as vibration problems, advanced CAD-systems and structural integrity. I wish to use the information acquired from this program in the development process of new manufacturing units in my home country. What’s more, I choose this university because of its location in Southern Germany – the most economically developed and attractive region with its unique traditions needing to get explored.

    To sum up, I believe that the successful partnership with the DAAD should be my first step in getting the valuable introducer of German corporate culture and production standards. With the confidence of being selected, I am looking forward to a reply.


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    Re: Motivational Letter for the DAAD scholarship

    Your letter is very long; a maximum of 500-600 words would be sufficient. Also, you should organize your ideas into separate paragraphs. Finally, what is the name of the master's course you're applying for?

    Click the Edit button to amend your letter, and we'll have a look at it then.

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