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    Question take the other person's inventory?

    The following texts are about how to keep your relationship, and I have some quetions about the following few sentences. Please help me to get it!!!!!!!!!

    1. people don't want to be judgmental people. They say they don't want to take the other person's inventory. here what does it mean by take.... inventory?

    2.somehow they seem to have taken way too seioursly the idea that we are not supposed to think badly of people. what does it mean by have takenway ..?

    3.don't ignore withholding affection and exclusionary behaviour, requiring you change things before things get better. what does this sentnece mean?

    4. When people are nervous, they revert back to child like. ... Look at anomalies in context. . What does the underlined sentnece mean?

    5.Time to ask what is going on if he/she contintues to behave like teenagers. don' let up until it comes out. he or she may not even know what's up just that it doesn't feel good. what does the two underlined sentences mean?
    Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: take the other person's inventory?

    1 assess them
    2 taken the idea much too seriously
    3 don't ignore the kind of behaviour that forces people to change things to make an improvement (withholding affection and exclusion being the examples of this)
    4 Look at the context in which unexpected things occur
    5 keep probing until the truth emrges. The person may not know what makes them feel bad

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