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    Question I need solving an exercise

    Hi! I'm having English written test tomorrow and I can not find the answer key for this exercise, so, can you guys help me and share what you think the solution is?

    Thank you so much!

    It is commonplace to observe that 1) ______ has become the religion of our time with 2) _____ its holy text. Advertising often turns people into 3) ____. Women’s bodies - and men’s bodiestoo these days - are 4)____ and used to sell everything. 5) ____ is deeply affected. 6)_____ spend enormous amounts of money an psychological research. They use this knowledge to 7) _____ children, to encourage all people to 8)_____ more. The consumer culture 9)_____ us notonly to buy more but also to seek our identity and 10)_____ through what we buy, to expressour 11)_____ through our ‘choices’ of products. But at best the 12)____ can never deliver thepromised goods.

    self-image; packaged; advertisers; possessions; individuality; persuades; consume; objects; advertising; consumerism; fulfillment; target

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    Re: I need solving an exercise

    Sorry, but we don't provide answers to students' assignments.

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