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    Grammar help: voice, tenses,modal verbs and pronouns.

    Would you be so kind to help me with some sentences?

    1. The term clusters is given to geographical areas in which a large number of companies working in the same industry (concentrate)- is it have concentrated, concentrate or are concentrated? I think the first variant is right, but I am not sure.
    2. The business cycle (alternate) between depression and boom. - again, is it Passive or Active?
    3. This is the only time this week I (feel) happy.- this one puzzles me, I want to write am feeling, but it's a state verb. So is it just feel?
    4. I remember at the end of each 4- week session in the camp we (can listen) to a radio assembled by camp children, or watch a glider fly, or admire handcrafted or beautiful embroideries and pictures. - is it could or were able to?
    5. What sort of job would you like to do? - _____ where I travel a lot. - can i fill the one in here? I've come across that, but I think it's wrong.

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: Grammar help: voice, tenses,modal verbs and pronouns.

    Hello gonebabygone, and welcome to the forum.
    Is this homework?

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