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  1. AlainK

    Football lingua franca

    There's a form of international language some people seem to speak at the moment, a "lingua franca" spoken by football fans.
    If a language is articulate, maybe it isn't a language, but it is understood widely: the other day, I didn't watch the match, but I knew that Portugal had won. Because of the auto horns blowing.
    3 hours later, even if I hadn't watched the match, same concert, even stronger...
    Well, there are more Portugese around than Italians, so if I hear nothing, that will mean Italy has won. (edit : I've just realized it's France vs Portugal, so in any case, tonight will be noisy...)
    If it lasts all night, France will go to the semi-final.

    Honk, honk, honk !!!

    If we can play the final, I'm sure there's good money to be made selling earplugs...
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    Re: Football lingua franca

    I like the universal gesture of "both hands on head", signifying "near miss".


  3. AlainK

    Re: Football lingua franca

    Thanks Mr P for raising the debate
    "Body language" may vary from one culture to another (e.g. palm downward when waving at someone to tell him to come in Italy, palm upward in France), but basic emotional expressions of the face for instance are surprinsingly the same all over the world, from what I've read (I've never had the opportunity to go to Papua-Guinea to check...)

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