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    "Regarding" or "of"

    Hi, I am proofreading a document for a friend and he often uses the word "regarding" where I would use "of". Is this correct? Can they be used interchangeably or is there some difference in meaning/rule? It seems wrong to me but I can't explain to him why I think so, so perhaps I am just not used to it?

    I did a google search but all I could find was discussions on the differences between "about" and "regarding" which is not really helpful to me.

    Some examples:

    The results obtained from the simulation regarding the chosen sorting algorithm.

    The background regarding different extrapolation techniques and sorting algorithms are investigated in Chapter 5.

    The results regarding these simulations can be found in Section 15.

    This is followed by an investigation regarding the cost and accuracy of the chosen sorting algorithm.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: "Regarding" or "of"

    The meaning is similar to concerning in those examples, which would not be the case in many sentences with of.

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