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    t would receive food.

    Animal psychologist Glen Jensen created the term to describe how many animals prefer to “earn”a meal rather than simply eat freely accessible food.
    Through his research in the 1960s, he learned about animals’ interest in work.In his experiment, a rat was set in a cage and trained to press a bar.When it did, it would receive food. The rat pressed the bar again for more food and ate merrily.
    But then, the light in the lab would go off and food would not come out any more.The rat realized that food would not be released when the light was not on.Then the researcher opened the cage and placed a cup of food in it.At first, the rat appeared uninterested in the cup, expecting that pressing the bar would bring food again.But its wish would not come true. Walking around the cage in frustration, the rat finally noticed the cup of food.When it went over to it, the light suddenly came back on. At this point, the rat had to make a choice. It could lazily eat the food in the cup, or work to acquire food by pressing the bar. Which option do you think the rat found appealing? Almost all of the rats in Jensen’s study —about 200 —chose to neglect the free food.
    Do these three "would" mean "habitual action in the past" or "willingness or expectation in the past"?
    I think the former is right, but some translation goes for the latter.

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    Re: t would receive food.

    Would​ has its "habitual action in the past" meaning in your text.
    I am not a teacher.

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