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Thread: Twilit anomaly

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    Twilit anomaly


    Can anybody explain to me what the author means by half-land of omen and twilit anomaly? A stage of sleep?

    That is to say, with a persistent mental picture of these things together—a physical juxtaposing or conjunction of them in actual space which, somewhere, he might have seen and of which the memory, if it were a memory, distressed him. Was it, in fact, a memory? Through the night-watches, in that half-land of omen and twilit anomaly, in the packed silences of that still nether-world wherein dream calls to dream, each summoning a wonted train of interwoven and attendant fantasies, well-worn and speechlessly familiar now although forgotten and eluding
    capture in the day, Geoffrey received the freedom of the whole Tom Tiddler’s ground of sleep and, dreadingly, renewed acquaintance with his ‘vision’ many times. Yet, always, it stood out and was distinguished sharply from the rest. While tinctured by the dumb, aloofly unsurprised and unsurprising quality of all its fellows, it possessed too an urgently prophetic or premonitory character and clumsy force they did not share.

    John Metcalfe, Beyondaril, 194?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Re: Twilit anomaly

    It seems that twilit is the adjective form of twilight, which was news to me.

    Yes, it seems to be referring to the state of being half-asleep/half awake, or perhaps lucid dreaming.
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