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    After that, Jennifer decided to take the risk and go a step further and tell him


    Are the following sentences grammatically correct?

    In the middle of the supermarket, Jennifer felt she'd gained Kevin's confidence. He'd finally decided to talk about what had happened years ago. After that, Jennifer decided to take the risk and go a step further and tell him the truth about what happened.

    After the questions and revelations of her, Kevin closed his eyes and quickly a pleasant memory of Kelly appeared in his mind.

    Kelly was at her birthday and Kevin did not want to miss the opportunity to try to give personally to her the stuffed cat that he had bought in advance. Although Kevin liked her a lot Kelly, he was pretty clumsy. That's why he was surprised when a friend in common of him and Camila told that she was on birthday and that he had not greeted her. That was the reason why Kevin was concentrating while he was talking on the phone with her.

    Kevin arrived to Kelly‘s mother appartment. She opened the door to Kevin who saw Kelly‘s mother and cousin waiting for him.

    Kevin sat on a black chair. Kelly was standing while talking with Kevin while her cousin was sitting on a couch in front of him.

    After talking for a few minutes, Kevin became anxious to gave her the gift as a surprise.

    Before Kelly finished the answer, Kevin goes ahead and hands her the gift. Is that correct?

    -“Thanks Kevin!”

    Kelly smiled at Kevin. Kelly putted the stuffed animal on her shoulder and looked at her cousin.

    -“Kristen, look, a little kitten!”

    Kelly called his mom to see the stuffed cat.

    -“You have no obligation to bring this gift”, the mother of Kelly said Is that correct?

    -"What is done is done!”, Kelly answered with a smile in her face.

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    Re: After that, Jennifer decided to take the risk and go a step further and tell him

    To answer your question, not all of the sentences are grammatically correct.

    More later.

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