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    How can the owner of a store ask his clerk for extra work?

    Which option do you think is the most appropriate? Is there any better way of making this request in such a situation? This question has been derived from a pragmatics test developed by Liu (2007).

    You are the owner of a bookstore. Your shop clerk has worked for a year, and you have gotten to know him/her quite well. It is the beginning of the semester, and you are very busy selling and refunding textbooks all day. Today you have a plan to extend business hours by an hour, though you know the clerk has worked long hours in the past few days. You ask the clerk to stay after store hours.

    1. Tom, do you think you could do me a favor by working an extra hour for the next few days seeing were so busy? Ill try and make it up to you later.
    2. Tom, because Ive been very busy selling and refunding textbooks all day, I terribly expect you can stay after store hours.
    3. Tom, I need you to work a couple of extra hours today. You'll make more money!

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    Re: How can the owner of a store ask his clerk for extra work?

    I only have a few seconds to spare so I can't reply to the whole thing but I can assure you that "I terribly expect you ..." is completely wrong!
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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    Re: How can the owner of a store ask his clerk for extra work?

    1 and 3 are okay but they aren't really comparable. The owner is requesting in 1, but demanding in 3.
    I am not a teacher.

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