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    hi i m bharat
    i want to ask that how get a fleuency in english.

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    Re: hello

    Practice, practice, practice!

    Welcome to UsingEnglish, Bharat.

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    Re: hello

    Quote Originally Posted by bharat ramchandani
    hi i m bharat
    i want to ask that how get a fleuency in english.

    Well, it`s very hard to say. I have been studying English for over 30 years and I cannot say that I speak fluent English.

    Try reading as much as possible; listen to the BBC, Euronews, Animal Planet, Discovery, Zone Reality[it`s my favourite] or try to speak to a native English , though ,I myself am sure I will never be able to speak a grammatically correct, fluent English.
    Or, maybe I`m wrong.

    The most important thing is to communicate with English speaking people and make yourself understood.
    For instance, I was in Germany about 7 years ago and I had the opportunity to talk to peole in English. Everything was ok. I could also talk in German which was more than I had ever expected. It doesn`t matter the level of your knowledge of English [in time, you will improve it], what matters is that,the message you want to convey to someone, be understood.

    All the best


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