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    "Admitted stealing" ?

    Good evening,
    Here is my question:
    2- "Stevens................ the wallet." -> "admitted steal" -> incorrect, why? / "admitted stealing" -> correct answer
    If someone can explain me this combination of tense (preterit+progressif form) I looked up on internet but I did not find anything conclusive...
    Question and answer from the Study Guide of Advanced Grammar in use, Cambridge, Hewings, 2005.
    Thank you for helping me progressing...

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    Re: "Admitted stealing" ?

    The -ing form there is a gerund, not a progressive form.

    When one verb is followed by another, the second may be a bare infinitive (he might steal) , a to- infinitive (he wants to steal) , a gerund (he admits stealing), or a preposition followed by a gerund (he insists on stealing).

    I'm afraid there is no logical reason for which form is used. You just have to learn which verbs are followed by which forms.

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