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    Resolved that the President of the Senate

    What does "resolved" mean here? "It is determined"?


    2nd. That in all future elections of President and Vice President the persons voted for shall be particularly designated by declaring which is voted for as President and which as Vice President.
    Resolved that the President of the Senate and Speaker of the Assembly transmit a copy of the preceding Resolutions to the Senators and Representatives in Congress from this State with an earnest request that they would use their best exertions for obtaining the adoption of the above amendments or other amendments in substance equivalent so as that the President and Vice President may be separately designated in voting for them and that the electors for both may be chosen in distinct Districts.


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    Re: Resolved that the President of the Senate

    The original hand-written document may have had resolved underlined and followed by a comma. Whether it did or not, I think that was the writer's intention.

    Proposals put before American assemblies often begin "Resolved:" or "Resolved," where that word serves as a sentence adverb which you can understand to mean "The following text is proposed".
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