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Thread: can be mixed

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    can be mixed

    Shellac is a long-lasting, quick-drying adhesive. It comes from a tiny insect. By feeding on a tree, the lac bug produces the sticky substance called lac. First the insect pierces the bark of the tree and feeds on the tree's sap. Next it releases a reddish, sticky resin. The resin then sticks to the tree. Thousands of these insects together will cover a tree branch with a coating of this resin up to a half-inch thick. After cutting off the lac-covered branches, human workers called "breeders" heat the lac inside long muslin tubes. When the melted lac flows through the muslin, the workers spread it into thin sheets. Then they quickly stretch it into large rectangles before it cools and hardens. Finally, they remove pieces of wood and other impurities so that the lac can be mixed with alcohol to make shellac.

    Can you replace "can be mixed" with "can mix" in this case There seems to be no difference between the two.

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    Re: can be mixed

    No. The lac can mix with alcohol means that such mixing is possible in a general sense. This does not follow from the previous text. The phrase as written means the previously-described operations make the mixing possible.
    I am not a teacher.

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