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    The End Of Autumn



    Can anybody tell me what the author means by "on the blue" and if "her" referes to autumn?

    Spent autumn wanes; the leaf
    Forsakes the vine, as from her coronal
    The gems might fall,
    Forgot by some mad empress in her grief.

    Now, from the sycamores,
    A ruinous and crumpled bronze is cast;
    Grown sere at last,
    The reeds lie broken on the river-shores.

    Now, from the outland peaks,
    The ghostly snows crawl downward on the blue;
    Gone forth anew,
    For huger suns the southering autumn seeks.

    Decembral stars return
    In long blue twilights to the eastern hill;
    But, lost and still,
    In high ravines her flameless embers burn.

    Bleak with the winter's breath,
    A wind comes down; fantastic skeletons
    Of steel and bronze,
    Creak the cold willows in a dance of death.

    The End of Autumn, C.A.Smith, 193?

    Thanks lot.
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    Re: The End Of Autumn

    Yes, 'her' is the last remaining visages of autumn still seen in the fall colors of some trees still sheltered in the ravines.

    'on the blue' refers to the mountain slopes. Mountains at a distance can appear blue. As the winter snow caps increase, the snowline moves farther down the slopes.
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