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  1. sheena55ro

    Transitive or Intransitive?

    Is the verb "move" transitive or intransitive [ or both]?

    Is "move" correctly used in the following example?

    They have moved house three times since they got married [does it mean "change the place of living"?]

    I have found this sentence in an English grammar book edited in my country .

    Thank you.

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    Re: Transitive or Intransitive?

    Hello Sheena

    Yes, it's both:

    1. He moved very slowly.
    2. His eyes didn't move at all.

    3. He moved his arm very slowly.
    4. He didn't move his eyes at all.

    Your sentence is fine: "to move house" does indeed mean "to change your residence". Usually, though, it also implies that you are taking fridge, furniture, etc. to your new house, i.e. "move (the contents of one's) house".

    So if you changed your residence but only took 2 bags of possessions with you, it would probably sound a little odd to say that you had "moved house". You would then simply have "moved" (or e.g. "moved to a new house/flat").

    All the best,


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