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    quality; (the) most

    I read sentence "What qualities do you dislike most?"

    and I have two questions :

    1) noun "quality" can both mean something bad? I thought it can be connected only with words extoling something... Anyway, it's connected with "dislike" here, which means it can be used both with good and bad things, doesn't it?
    Does it mean that e.g. intoleration can be considered a quality?

    2) What qualities do you dislike most. < why not "THE MOST"? Is "most" used with the article only when speaking of an adjective?

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    Re: quality; (the) most

    1-- Yes, intolerance is often a bad quality. Stupidity is another bad quality; intelligence is a good quality.
    2-- Either way is OK. I like your hair (the) best.

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    Re: quality; (the) most

    The word quality has a number of meanings. In this case they are referring to a characteristic, property, or trait as opposed to a measure of excellence (or lack thereof).

    English speakers often omit words that are technically correct but unnecessary to establish meaning. "The most" or "most" alone are both correct. The 'the' would be used to emphasize a specific quality.

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