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    an apple below awareness

    Would you please help me to understand the meaning of the term "an apple below awareness" in the following text?
    "Let's say you tell me you ran an experiment about how preferences for political candidates shift. Then I should bring to the table how easy it is to shift political preference in general, how noisy those measures are and so on, and not put too much weight on how crazy I think it is that you tell me you're changing everything by showing an apple below awareness."

    Thanks in advance.

    Reference: Detecting fraud in social science, (Rationally Speaking podcast, No. 155)

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    Re: an apple below awareness

    That makes no sense at all to me. I clicked on the link to the podcast but it's nearly an hour long. Can you tell us at what point that paragraph starts in the podcast (minutes and seconds)?
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    Re: an apple below awareness

    There are transcripts available for download at that same page, and they have the exact same text the OP has posted.

    I found the corresponding audio at about 15:54, and he does indeed say an apple below awareness.

    His English is excellent, but all I can think of is that perhaps he's mixing idioms or directly translating some idiom from his native language. The expression itself is meaningless to me.
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