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    Artan's family occupies four units

    Four units? Does it refer to a house with four rooms?

    Artan left Somalia in 2007 with his family for Pakistan and they were admitted as refugees as part of a minority sect of Somalis, a senior administration official told CNN. Seven members of the family applied for refugee status in the United States and were admitted in 2014. Today, they are all legal permanent residents and green card holders.
    Neighbor Stephanie Leper told CNN Artan's family occupies four units. Law enforcement vehicles arrived at the town homes sometime after 10 a.m. and took people away in "paddy wagons," she said.

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    Re: Artan's family occupies four units

    I would assume that it meant four separate accommodation units. If individual rooms were regarded as units, then it would work, but the same would be true to me of apartments, houses, etc.

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    Re: Artan's family occupies four units

    In AmE a unit is a discrete living space: an apartment, studio apartment, etc.
    I am not a teacher.

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